Blackberries - Method

Choice of site and preparation

Aside from planting distances which are from 1-2 m in the rows, the choice and preparation of site as well as planting and culture are similar to those for raspberries.


In training and pruning of trailing types thornless blackberries, group and loosely tie young shoots to the first wire (60 cm from the base) of a two-wire trellissing system. Prune off secondary branches 10 cm from the main stems.


The following year, remove damaged or surplus canes early and tie the rest to the second wire (160 cm from the base) for fruiting. Proceed as for the first season for the new shoots

Pick when fruit is well ripened between August and first frost. After, cut at the base all canes which fruited.


Consult the Blackberries - comparative table for a detailed description of varieties.