Dwarf Cherries - Method

Dwarf Cherry

Dwarf Cherry (Fructicosa X cerasus hybrides)
Dwarf cherry introduced by the University of Saskatchewan are small trees with maximum height of 2,5 m and yields that can reach from 10 to 15 Kg of fruit per tree. These plants are extremely hardy and can withstand temperature as low as -40oC. (Zone 2b). Fruits are of superior quality than those of traditional hardy cherry trees (Prunus cerasus) such as the Evans and Montmorency varieties. Fruits are also bigger and sweeter. Picking season is early August like blueberry plants; life span is of 20 - 25 years. Plants are self pollinating.

Yield is from 20 to 40 pounds of fruit at maturity. Best results in soil with a ph of 6, 5 and higher and in light soil. No need to cut flowers before the third year. Pruning plants in early spring at 4th or 5th year, keep 4-5 branches otherwise plants will grow only in height. Plants will need protection from dominant winds. Natural enemies of plants are dears, flies and caterpillars.


Consult the Cherries - comparative table for a detailed description of varieties.