Cherries and Dwarf Cherries - Comparative table

Name Hardiness Productivity Period Size Color
Carmine Jewel very good very good early average dark
Crimson Passion excellent good mid-season, late very good dark red
Cupid very good average late very good dark red to black
Juliet very good average early to mid-season average dark red
Roméo very good very good late average dark red
Valentine excellent excellent mid-season, early average light red
Name Flavor Uses Appreciation
Carmine Jewel sweet processing Produces few suckers, can be eaten fresh even late in season.
Crimson Passion Very sweet fresh market
Cupid sweet fresh market Excellent for fresh market, slightly astringent. Produces few suckers.
Juliet high level of sugar fresh market Very high level of sugar, probably the highest of all the University of Saskatchewan Dwarf cherry varieties. Plant is fairly vigorous with few suckers. Perfect for fresh market.
Roméo sweet processing Very similar to Carmine Jewel but yields at a later date.
Valentine sweet processing Among the sweetest, easy pit removal.

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