The plant is the key piece - Mini-tray plants production

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The plant is the piece for maximizing strategic production techniques. We at Lareault can meet the new expectations of our growers since we offer all the different types of plant material.

Frigo plants: High density plantings on annual hills systems for short varieties and day neutrals.
• Green top: Conventional plantings on matted row systems.
• Mini-tray: Early production on annual hills systems, Short day and day neutrals varieties as well as any types of tunnel productions on soil or hydropnonics.
• Tray-plant: Greenhouse production with forced heating.

These multiple choices of plants suggest technical routes which will generate opportunities to diversify your fruit production and can be suited to each grower. Ex. : Tunnels - Field or soilless culture.

The early-season, mid-season, late-season and fall bearing varieties of plants also offer a diversification in growing systems.

However there is a constancy :
The choice and quality of plants are essential in preparing a new fruit production.

At Lareault, you will find the key piece , Productive high-quality plants !