Other comparative table of raspberry plants

Summer Fruiting Red Raspberries - Comparative table

Name Hardiness Productivity Cane Susceptibility Period Size Weight
Boyne excellent excellent average, strong, thorny mildew early average 1.6 g
AAC-Eden good excellent long, free of spines mid-season very good 5.0 g
Encore very good good average thornless late average 2.0 g
Festival excellent excellent short, upright, thornless low vigour mid-season late good 2.3 g
Gatineau very good good short, relatively vigorous anthracnose early average 1.7 g
Killarney excellent excellent average, strong mildew mid-season good 2.2 g
K81-6 good excellent tall root rot problems late very good 2.9 g
Madawaska very good very good tall mildew early good 2.4 g
Nova very good excellent average, upright thornless mid-season good 2.1 g
Prelude good excellent vigorous, sparse thorns average early average 2.2 g
Titan good good very tall and fair suckering root rot problems mid-season early very good 2.8 g
Tulameen average excellent long twisting botritys late very good 4.0 g

Summer Fruiting Red Raspberries (fruits)

Name Color Flavor Firmness Uses Appreciation
Boyne dark red good good processing, freezing Acidic fruit with good cohesion, excellent for pick-your-own .
AAC-Eden pale red excellent very good fresh market To discover.
Encore medium red good good fresh market Interesting for the quality of its fruit.
Festival medium red good excellent fresh market Good for fresh market. Variety is susceptible to orange rust.
Gatineau dark red good good fresh market, processing Very productive variety but less resistant to disease.
Killarney light red good good fresh market Variety for the fresh market.
K81-6 medium red good average fresh market Very susceptible to root rot problems.
Madawaska dark red very good average processing, fairly good for fresh market Interesting for the fresh market and freezing.
Nova light red very good excellent fresh market, processing Similar to Festival but with more vigour and resistance to rust.
Prelude red to dark red good good fresh market Earlier than Boyne.
Titan medium red very good very good fresh market The variety is susceptible to phytophtora root rot; must be planted in very light soils, with excellent drainage.
Tulameen pale red very good good fresh market High tunnels culture. Winter protection needed.

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