A tasty variety with excellent fruit quality, that will stretch the sale season for the U-pick and the farm stand.

Growth and vegetation: Vigorous foliage and sustained runnering. Hardy plants, with no root disease sensitivity noted. Spread growth with a susceptibility to powdery mildew in late vegetation.
Harvest and yield: Will start yielding 7 to 10 days after Jewel. Late and long harvest period. Top yielder for the last five years of trials.
Berries: Bright light red shiny fruits. Flesh is firm and very juicy, flavorful and sweet berry. Light color will hold after harvest with a very good rate of shelf life.



Surpassing the standards of wholesale and fruit stand fruit quality, here is an unequaled hardy late season variety.

Growth and vegetation: Vigorous growth with a low spreading habit and good runnering. Foliage is medium green with excellent resistance to common foliar diseases.
Harvest and yield: Excellent yield, a long harvest starting a week after Jewel.
Berries: Bright red, firm of large size with excellent flavor.





Exclusive, the highest late season yielder with attractive berries according to the 2014 provincial trials.

Growth and vegetation: Dark green foliage and low spreading habit. Good resistance to leaf disease with medium runnering..
Harvest and yield: the top yielder of the late season varieties.
Berries: Large size and attractive with bright red color.



Growth and vegetation: Vigorous growth with erect foliage, medium runnering and a sensitivity to powdery mildew.
Harvest and yield: Very late harvest , good yield that will end one week after Summer Evening.
Berries: Deep red, firm and tasty. Large berries that ripen underneath the canopy.