Vigorous in establishment, very hardy with a hint of earliness appreciated by all. A must have in your varietal split for 2016.

Here is a quality alternative for mid-season in five points: 

• Harvest starts four days before Jewel.
• Large fruit size, with average fruit weight better than Jewel.
• Firmness, flavor and conservation, all call present.
• Similar or slightly better yield than Jewel in our 2014 and 2015 trials.
• A bright red color, very shiny, lighter than Jewel which remains upon shelf conservation. Fruit is stemming friendly.

Growth and vegetation: Vigorous plant with an open growth, making picking easy.
Harvest and yield: Predicted yield similar to Jewel. Increased picking speed.
Berries: Bright red, firm and of large size. Excellent taste.



There she is, long-awaited, a raspberry equipped to compete against imported fruits that are 
flooding our markets in recent years .

Here's whyit stands out:

Fruit size: 7,7 g. per fruit , meaning 22 fruits per  170 g. container.  Size holds through harvest.
Firmness: A fleshy fruit with good caliber drupelets that resists crushing during handling.  
Shelf life: Great surprise, it keeps beyond 7 days when refrigerated.
Harvest speed:  Because of the larger fruit and ease to detach, the harvesting speed increases to double compared to the currently available varieties.
Flavor: A very good flavor, perceived as sweeter than our standard mid-season variety.

What more ?  Spinefree canes, excellent hardiness observed in 2013-2014 winter, harvest starts 2 days before Nova and continues in the first week of August.  Yields measured in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are between the 10-15 t / ha.

Growth and vegetation: Vigorous plant. Canes free of spines. Hardiness to be define.
Harvest and yield: Predicted yield higher than Nova. Harvest dates similar or before Nova.
Berries: Large size , firm and easy to pick. Light red color, silky, not shiny  Excellent taste.