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  • Firmness: 1-Excellent
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A mid-season variety with excellent productivity. The canes are tall and thornless growth is strong. The fruits are excellent caliber, an average of 2 gr. Nova by more than fruit. Fruits are light-coloured, firm and sweet.

Outstanding shelf life

Patented variety

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A productive variety with near spineless canes, medium in height with good suckering. Raspberries are medium in size, medium to dark red with excellent firmness and good flavour. For a summer crop, cut back canes partly after fall fruiting.

Excellent firmness

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A mid-late season variety with very good hardiness and very good productivity. The canes are very tall with little spines and good suckering. Raspberries are large, medium red with excellent firmness and good flavour. Resembles Festival but with more vigour and resistance to orange rust.

Very good productivity

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