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AC Saint-Jean...

Early mid-season variety, with very good hardiness and productivity. Berries are shiny light red of very good size and firmness. Fruits are know to contain high levels of antioxydants and sustain a long shelf life. Plants are vigorous with a low spread habit, foliage has shown a very good resistance to leaf spots. A must known cultivars, with a high yield potential.

High nutraceutical value

Patented variety

« AC » is an official trademark used to a license granted by Agriculture and Agrifood Canada.

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A mid-season variety with very good hardiness and productivity. The strawberries have very good size, very good firmness, bright red color with a good flavor. Susceptible to leaf spots and very susceptible to Sinbar.

Variety for the fresh market

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Valley Sunset

Late season variety, 5 to 7 days later than Bounty. Fruit is very large, color is bright and light, flavor is sweet and pleasant. This variety is suited for fresh local market and pick-your-own.

End of season

Patented variety

Quantities are subject to harvest.