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  • Hardiness: 1-Excellent
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A mid-season variety with excellent hardiness and good productivity. The strawberries have good size, good firmness, medium to dark red glossy colour with very good flavour. Susceptible to mildew. Biconical and uniform fruit size, easy to pick and to hull.

Adapted to heavier soils

Patented variety

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Very attractive variety with large trusses of deep pink flowers contrasting with a dark green foliage. Will flower constantly until late frost. Produce good size berries with a hint of wild strawberry flavor. Will fit perfectly in a rock garden, an ornamental bed, a balcony or hanging baskets, because of its vigorous growth. Perfect for the Urban Farmer.

Outstanding flowering


Trial variety ( limited quantity available )

An early variety spreading ino the mid-season, with very  good hardiness and productivity. The strawberries have good size, good firmness, a bright red color and excelent flavour. Good resistance to foliar diseases

Very sweet !