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  • Hardiness: 3-Good
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AC Wendy

Early bearing variety offers very high yield with large conic bright red fruit. Plants are vigorous and moderately resistant to powdery mildew. Interesting variety for its high-quality fruit.

Susceptible to root diseases

Patented variety

« AC » is an official trademark used for a license granted by Agriculture and Agrifood Canada.

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A mid-season variety with good hardiness and productivity. The strawberries have excellent size, very good firmness, bright red glossy color with a good flavor. Good fresh market variety with attractive fruit.

The most cultivated variety for the fresh market

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Variety with good hardiness and very good productivity. The strawberries have very good size, very good firmness, bright red colour with good flavour. Very susceptible to mildew and spider mite.

The most popular variety in Quebec

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