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Very productive variety of lingonberry, with vigorous, upright growth. Plants grow 12 to 15 inches (31 to 38 cm) tall, and leaves are dark green. Berries are very large (0.41 gram) and are a bright dark red. The berries grow on the branch tips. The best tasting variety of lingonberries.  Ideal for flower beds.

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Hinonmaki red

Shrubs  3 - 4 feet (90 - 120 cm)  in height. Very hardy and productive variety with resistance to oidium. Production in mid-July of large translucent  red coloured fruit with smooth skin and juicy and tangy flesh. Delicious chewable, bays are ideal for jams, pies, or frozen.


Shrub 3-4 feet (90 - 120 cm) in height. Very productive and Hardy, disease-resistant variety. Harvest in mid July large white, firm and juicy fruits are well flavoured and can be eaten 'nature' or cooked into jams or frozen.

Pink Champagne

Compact shrub 3-5 feet (90 - 150 cm) in height. Good hardiness, mid-July harvest, very good production of pink champagne coloured fruit
Less tart  than red currants  but also rich in antioxidants. The fruit can be frozen or even use in your homemade recipes.


Shrub 3 to 4 feet (90 - 120 cm) in height. Good hardiness, fruit arrive in mid-July with a very good production of small clusters of clear red berries. The fruit can be frozen or even use in your homemade jams.  Rich in antioxidants