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One the most productive variety

Sutton is a seedless rhubarb with heavy yields of solid quality stems. Also known as Suttons Seedless this rhubarb is a mid-season cropper, best harvested in May or perhaps June in the North.

The ideal soil for rhubarb is neutral to slightly acidic; it will tolerate quite acidic soil, but yields will be smaller. The Sutton rhubarb is a big plant so plant about 110 cm apart in a sunny position as rhubarb hates the shade.

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Good tasting and ornemental!

Large stems, excellent for home gardeners, long bright red stems, dark red petioles that retain their color when cooked. Vigorous, known for its red petioles and the production of few or no flower stalks.

Tender, chewy but firm and has a slight rhubarb taste, slightly acidic and slightly bitter.

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