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Variety with  excellent vigor and hardiness. Well adapted to a wide range of soil types. Will tolerate better replant situation than other varieties.

Potentially the highest yielder on the market. Early to mid-season harvest. with medium size, straight and uniform spears.

They will remain tight long after emergence, even under warm conditions.

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Price grid

Quantity Price
10 to 99 $2.3000 per plant
100 to 249 $1.8000 per plant
250 to 499 $1.2000 per plant
500 to 999 $0.7710 per plant
1000 to 2999 $0.7050 per plant
3000 to 3999 $0.6880 per plant
4000 to 4999 $0.6560 per plant
5000 to 5999 $0.6230 per plant
6000 to 6999 $0.5920 per plant
7000 to 7999 $0.5600 per plant
8000 to 8999 $0.5290 per plant
9000 to 9999 $0.4970 per plant
10000 and more $0.4660 per plant

The product is sold in account of 10 plants.

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Very good

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An additionnal variety with excellent hardiness and vigour. Selected for its foliar disease resistance and longevity of years of harvest. Yields comparable to the Millenium.

Long smooth spears with tight tips and uniform spear diameter.

Increase longevity of years of harvest