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Yield and quality.

An early variety with good hardiness and very good productivity. The strawberries have good size, good firmness, a bright red color and very good flavour. Intersting variety for u-pick.

An early variety with a significant higher yield than the Jewel !!

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Quantity Price
25 to 99 $2.1740 per plant
100 to 499 $0.8400 per plant
500 to 999 $0.3050 per plant
1000 to 4999 $0.2590 per plant
5000 and more $0.2290 per plant
+0.012$ royalty per plant

The product is sold in account of 25 plants.

In stock

An early variety with good hardiness and very good productivity. The strawberries firm, shiny and glossy red colour with a sweet a flavorful taste. Good runnering, ease of harvest.

Superior yields compared to Jewel on a 2 year trials.

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Very good
Very good
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Retail, wholesale & pick-your-own

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An early variety with very good hardiness and productivity. The berries size reduces rapidly, very  good firmness, bright red colour with excellente flavour. Popular early variety, good for the pick-your-own market.

Popular for its hardiness and early yield.

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