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We are offering you the 100% male Millenium hybrid asparagus cultivar which, after four complete cultivation seasons, produces the best yield.

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Quantity Price
10 to 99 CA$1.1000 per plant
100 to 499 CA$1.0000 per plant
500 to 999 CA$0.7500 per plant
1000 to 2999 CA$0.5000 per plant
3000 to 3999 CA$0.4850 per plant
4000 to 4999 CA$0.4600 per plant
5000 to 5999 CA$0.4350 per plant
6000 to 6999 CA$0.4100 per plant
7000 to 7999 CA$0.3850 per plant
8000 to 8999 CA$0.3600 per plant
9000 to 9999 CA$0.3350 per plant
10000 and more CA$0.3190 per plant

The product is sold in account of 10 plants.

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